Becoming a Member

Step 1 - Getting to Know You

  • As a first step we prefer that prospective members attend at least two (2) club events so we can get to know one another and you can determine if the Club is going to be suitable


Step 2 Complete and Submit an Application for Membership

  • After your second event, if you wish to proceed with membership, then:

    • download and complete the Application Form and Statement of Faith

    • obtain a letter from your pastor or elder to confirm your regular Church attendance

    • forward your application to the Club Secretary with the prescribed fees


Step 3 - Consideration of Application by the Executive

  • The Club Executive will consider your application at the next Executive meeting or by conference call/email


Step 4 - Welcome Letter and Membership Card

  • If your application is successful you will be advised of your membership number and be sent a welcome letter and copy of the Club Constitution by email. Your membership card will be sent by mail