Monthly Event


Our monthly event is generally held on a Saturday afternoon and consists of a short cruise to a suitable location for picnic lunch / afternoon tea / early dinner. We also participate in a number of community festivals in the Ipswich area


Local events co-ordinators also organise events for members in teir area

Events Calendar


The events calendar lists planned events for the year and  details of events for the next 3 months is is emailed to members at the start of each month

Local Events


Members from the Ipswich area generally get together for morning tea at the Fernvale Bakery on every second Monday. 


Members for the Brisbane area and Gold Coast have a regular monthly cruise to Yatala Pies for lunch on the second Wednesday of the month


A regular monthly event is is held on the first Tuesday of the month in the Sunshine Coast area


Each member's church is also a nominated cruise location